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Temple Emanu-El is governed by a Board of Directors that, in collaboration with the Rabbi, provide the leadership that enables the congregation to flourish.

The Board of Directors for the 2018 year are:

L to R: Bruce Rubin, Ian Goldberg, Murray Leiter, Bill Tessler (resigned), Larry Ginsberg, Rabbi Landsberg, Daniel Goldlist, Cindy Cohanim, Pat Caplan, Paul Leszner, Julie Feldman, life-time Board member Harold Chapman, Pekka Sinervo. Absent: Jaci Richman, Geoff Gisser and Nicky Lahner.
Photo by Walter Seaton

  • Paul Leszner, President
  • Larry Ginsberg, Treasurer
  • Ian Goldberg, Vice-president
  • Daniel Goldlist, Secretary
  • Pekka Sinervo, FRSC, Past President
  • Patricia Caplan
  • Cindy Cohanim
  • Julie Feldman
  • Nicky Lahner
  • Murray Leiter
  • Bruce Rubin
  • Jaci Richman
  • Geoff Gisser

The Board normally meets nine times a year. Please contact the office if you would like a copy of the constitution of the congregation. The congregation has an Annual General Meeting, normally in December, to elect directors, review the financial statements and perform any other business, as appropriate.