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Support Israel

Join ARZA Canada to add your voice for a pluralistic and democratic homeland

Temple Emanu-El has a strong history of involvement with Israel, particularly through ARZA Canada.

On our 60th anniversary, support for Israel through membership in ARZA Canada is more urgent than ever.

Through your membership in ARZA Canada you support Reform efforts to influence public policy in Israel towards a pluralistic, democratic and just Jewish homeland.

Our power and influence in Israel with the Jewish Agency, the World Zionist Organization and, indirectly, the government, is based on the strength of our membership size. Currently, our ‘seat at the Zionist table’ is threatened by our low membership numbers.


 The World Zionist Congress (WZC) of 2020 is fast approaching. There is a strong likelihood that the

Canadian Zionist Federation will be required to hold an election among the Zionist organizations competing

for seats at the Congress. Canada receives 20 seats for the WZC. ARZA Canada held 6 of the 20 seats in 2015.

Based on our current membership we are at risk of losing at least 3 of those seats.


When you receive your dues notice from the Temple, be sure to include your membership in ARZA Canada

for the very reasonable price of $18 (single) or $36 (family).









Why Join ARZA Canada?


Why Join ARZA Canada… because (a) your membership gives increased voting power in Israel at the World Zionist Congress and (b) your dues finance Israel engagement programs in Canadian Reform congregations and support Reform initiatives in Israel.


ARZA Canada is the Zionist organization of the Reform Movement, a volunteer led association that reaches out to all Reform Jews in Canada to help foster a better understanding of Israel and to support the Reform Movement in Israel. It is a vital part of our Movement as no matter what our political views are, Israel is a central part of our identity.


Reform Zionism can be interpreted to be many things to many people, even within our congregations. Now, 70 years after the establishment of the state, we need to work to support the democracy and to ensure that Israel is a place that embraces Jews of all backgrounds and streams in a pluralistic and egalitarian environment. Zionism today is not necessarily about making aliyah, but is about understanding what Israeli society is today and how it can be improved in the future.  It is also about visiting Israel to see what an amazing country it is.


ARZA Canada is part of the international Reform Zionist group called ARZENU. The strength in membership numbers in all affiliates from around the world has a direct bearing on the resources and political power that the Israeli Reform Movement has at the World Zionist Organization and other government agencies in Israel.  Proudly the Israeli Reform movement, now with 45 congregations, is achieving growing recognition and influence in Israel. But it needs our support, both financially and as partners.


Please make sure that you join ARZA Canada through your annual dues invoice, if available, or by direct registration on our website at www.arzacanada.org. Your dues of only $18 per person or $36 per family support both Israel education programs in Canadian Reform congregations and the work of the Reform Movement in Israel.


We, at ARZA Canada, need your support to help the Reform Movement in Israel (IMPJ) to  continue their effort to ensure Israel grows as a pluralistic and democratic Jewish state, one that we as Reform Jews feel shares our values. We invite you to join us in demonstrating your active commitment to Israel and to the values of the Reform Movement in Israel.  Your membership is critical.



Miriam Pearlman, President

ARZA Canada