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Ida Freedman Israel Scholarship

Ida Freedman Scholarship Application-DOWNLOAD

Application Process

Please fill out the attached form and email it or have it delivered to the Temple Emanu-El office.  Applications for the scholarship will be accepted until January 10, 2020.   Please use the email:

Adjudication Criteria

  1. The quality of the proposed experience or program in increasing the understanding and love of Israel.
  2. The level of preparedness of the applicant to benefit from the planned experience.
  3. Proposal for how to communicate the experience to the Temple Emanu-El community (e.g. a short talk during one of the Temple services, a lecture that is part of the Temple's Adult Education programming, or an address to the Temple Emanu-El religious school).

Financial need will be considered, but is not a necessary requirement.  Candidates are asked to identify any extenuating financial circumstances.  Such information will be held strictly in confidence.

A selection panel, consisting of Rabbi Landsberg, the Temple president or designate, representatives of the donor family and another member of the congregation will make a recommendation to the Board of Directors. An award will not be made if, in the opinion of the panel, none of the proposed experiences appropriately address the goals of the scholarship fund.

Terms of the Scholarship

The Temple will provide the award to the successful applicant as soon as confirmation is provided of the arrangements for the experience or program.

The successful applicant is required to communicate the experience to the Temple Emanu-El community within 6 months of completion.

The award(s) will be announced by January 31, 2020 for use sometime in the subsequent 20 months.

The Ida Freedman Israel Scholarship Fund was established in 1992 by sisters Helen Goldlist and Joan Goldfarb and their families in memory of their mother, Ida Freedman.

Application to the Ida Freedman Israel Scholarship


Date:                                  ___________________________ _____________________

Applicant(s) name:            ________________________________________________

Applicant address:            _________________________________________________




Please address the following questions. 

  1. Describe the experience or program (whether a self-designed experience or an organized program, please provide details, including proposed dates, nature and goals of experience, locations, etc.):


  1. Summarize your background and your current connection with Israel.


  1. How will this experience or program increase your understanding of Israel?


  1. How would you propose to bring the benefit of your experience to the Temple Emanu-El community?


  1. Please outline the budget for your experience/programme including total cost and existing funding.


  1. Are there any considerations of financial need that the selection panel should be aware of?

    Completed forms should be emailed to or delivered to the Temple Emanu-El office. The total length should not exceed 2 pages. 

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