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Sunday and Tuesday Lomdim

Our mission is to prepare our students to become informed and engaged Jewish adults. We offer a comprehensive program of learning, leadership, and peer activities from preschool to high school! Students in JK through grade 7 participate in:

  • Our Foundations program engages learners (JK through Grade 6) in the fundamentals of language,  religion, and culture.
  • Our Hebrew language program consists of a leveled curriculum as well as weekly sessions of Hebrew Through Movement.
  • Our arts-based Chugim (electives) offer students from Grades 1 to 6 individualized programming choices along with enriched core curriculum.
  • Our weekly music and prayer lessons fill our students with important tunes from our community and beyond. Learning past and present songs and prayers fill our students with a sense of tradition and community.
  • Our “Give Torah a Chants” program offers our grade 6 students a unique way of continuing to improve upon their Hebrew skills while providing them with an introduction to the trop (ritual tunes) used in the reading of the Torah and haftorah.
  • Our bar/bat mitzvah preparation program, for grade 7 students, emphasizes peer support, collective learning, individualized coaching, and a valuable sense of social responsibility.
  • Our integrated Madrichim program (mentoring/classroom assistant) gives older students opportunities develop important leadership skills while forging bonds within our congregational community.
  • A full program of educational and social events supports continued participation in the life of our school, our congregation, and our community throughout the teen years.


Sat, September 26 2020 8 Tishrei 5781