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Sunday and Tuesday Lomdim


Our mission is to prepare our students to become informed and engaged Jewish adults. We offer a comprehensive program of learning, leadership, and peer activities from preschool to high school! Students in JK through grade 7 participate in:

  • Our Foundations program engages learners (JK through Grade 6) in the fundamentals of language,  religion, and culture.
  • Our Hebrew language program consists of a leveled curriculum as well as weekly sessions of Hebrew Through Movement.
  • Our arts-based Chugim (electives) offer students from Grades 1 to 6 individualized programming choices along with enriched core curriculum.
  • Our weekly music and prayer lessons fill our students with important tunes from our community and beyond. Learning past and present songs and prayers fill our students with a sense of tradition and community.
  • Our “Give Torah a Chants” program offers our grade 6 students a unique way of continuing to improve upon their Hebrew skills while providing them with an introduction to the trop (ritual tunes) used in the reading of the Torah and haftorah.
  • Our bar/bat mitzvah preparation program, for grade 7 students, emphasizes peer support, collective learning, individualized coaching, and a valuable sense of social responsibility.
  • Our integrated Madrichim program (mentoring/classroom assistant) gives older students opportunities develop important leadership skills while forging bonds within our congregational community.
  • A full program of educational and social events supports continued participation in the life of our school, our congregation, and our community throughout the teen years.

    Contact the Director of the Centre, Jennifer Katz, at or 416-449-3880 ext. 213 for more information! We always welcome families to come try us out for a week or two – please be in touch if you are interested.


Tue, June 28 2022 29 Sivan 5782