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Reena Shabbat Blessings

A Powerful, Important Ten-Minute Mitzvah!


Our neighbourhood Reena group serves gentlemen in our community with cognitive challenges. Every Friday evening, at 5:00 pm, the guys sit down at their table to welcome Shabbat.  For the past two years, Temple Emanu-El b'nei mitzvah students and volunteers have logged on to Zoom and guided them through the Shabbat blessings. The residents and staff of that home have so appreciated this 10-minute treat every week, and those of us volunteering have found this to be an easy and rewarding way of sharing a little Shabbat joy! 

Please contact Cassie Moscoe-Sweet – – if you are interested or have any questions. Thank you so much for considering this delightful 10-minute mitzvah!


More information: 

  • You can sign up for a date HERE
  • Cassie Moscoe-Sweet can provide the link to you. Please try to log on a few minutes before. You will introduce yourselves to the residents, make blessings with them, and wish everyone a Shabbat Shalom. Fifteen minutes maximum. 
  • If you so choose, you can have your candlesticks, wine/grape juice and challah on camera. The blessings are included below for your convenience. (Only the first paragraph of the Kiddush is necessary, the short blessing over the wine, but of course feel free to do the longer if you wish.)





Note: The full Friday night Kiddush is below. But you can also just lead a short Kiddush if you feel more comfortable (ie just "Baruch Atah Adonai Eloheinu Melech haolam borei pr'i hagafen").




Fri, May 24 2024 16 Iyar 5784