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Centre for Jewish Living and Learning


חֲנֹךְ לַנַּעַר עַל פִּי דַרְכּוֹ גַּם כִּי יַזְקִין לֹא יָסוּר מִמֶּנָּה:   

Teach a child in the way the child should go, and even when the child has grown old, they will not depart from it

(Proverbs 22:6)

We strive to raise our children with a strong sense of their place in the Jewish people and a desire to create a vibrant Jewish future.

We believe:

  • Jewish learning energizes Jewish living.
  • Jewish learning happens best within community.
  • Jewish learning should support and challenge students to become accomplished progressive Jews.


We offer a dynamic curriculum based on multi-sensory programming. Small classes enable us to focus on individual development and self-expression as well as core Hebrew language skills and cultural and religious knowledge. Our staff is supported in best practice classroom techniques and innovative teaching methods through ongoing professional development.


We are an inclusive learning community. The Centre for Jewish Living and Learning welcomes students with a range of learning challenges into our community, tailoring schedules and curriculum to support their educational, social, and sensory needs.  We understand the importance of working closely with family and support professionals to design appropriate and attainable educational goals. We are committed to providing a rich and meaningful Jewish learning experience for all of our students.


Our educational program is designed to connect to:

  • Congregational life through integrated services, holiday programming, and special events
  • Families through multi-generational learning opportunities and family-oriented special programming throughout the year
  • The community through ongoing social action and participation in community-wide events
  • Israel through curriculum, cultural programming, special guests and events, and social action

Click HERE to contact the Director of the CJLL more information! We always welcome families to come try us out for a week or two – please be in touch if you are interested.

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