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Judy Dan Fund


Call for Proposals


Temple Emanu-El is soliciting proposals from partner organizations to support the experience and education of art in its various forms, giving priority to both activities within the Temple and those that reach out to the broader Jewish community in Toronto.  This could be through presentation of works, public talks and other experiences that promote the appreciation and support of the arts.

The Judy Dan Fund will provide up to $30,000 per annum in support of these activities (up to $10,000 per program for three independent programs).

We are now soliciting proposals for programs that could take place by the end of 5784 (October 1, 2024) and for programs in the 5785 year (October 2, 2024 - September 2025).  

Application Process
We are requesting a short proposal (no more than 2 pages) addressed to Temple Emanu-El Judy Dan Fund for Arts and Education. The proposal should be emailed to or delivered to the office at 120 Old Colony Rd, Toronto, M2L 2K2

The deadline for applications for programs before October 2024:
March 15, 2024 before 5pm

The deadline for applications for programs after October 2024:
May 1, 2024 before 5pm

Adjudication Criteria

  1. The innovative nature and overall quality of the proposed program.
  2. The effectiveness of the program in reaching out to the intended Jewish audience, and the track record of the organization in mounting successful events.
  3. The expected impact of the program in supporting the expression and appreciation of the arts, and the educational merits of the program.

Terms of the Funding Award
The Temple will provide the requested funding to the successful organization as soon as confirmation is provided of the arrangements with a completed memorandum of agreement between the applicant and Temple Emanu-El.

The award(s) for 5784 will be announced no later than March 28, 2024

The award(s) for 5785 will be announced no later than June 21, 2024

Tue, April 23 2024 15 Nisan 5784